Hi, I’m Kari, formerly known as “Intern Kari.” Why, because when I started here at Z93 I was just a lowly unpaid intern doing intern things like dumping the trash, cleaning out the Z93 Hum-Zee, and feeding and hosing down Ron…without getting paid! Well, I still get to do all that, but now they have given me my own time slot: 4-7pm on Sundays, right before Kannon and Open House Party. And I Love It!

A little about me:

I am a My Little Pony Enthusiast, or Gronie, with the largest collection North of Grand Rapids. When I get bored I make them fight my Strawberry Shortcake collection. It’s wrong, but oh so right! Patty O’Green never stands a chance!

I secretly want to ride the wrecking ball!

I can blow things up with my mind!

And I’m originally from Grand Rapids, but I forgive me.

Contact me at Kari@z93hits.com. But only if you want to live