Noon - 4pm
Oh, hello there.  I’m Jordan Anderson, a Northern Michigan native and Old Sea Captain, and am so excited to bring you “The Sunday Hangover” from noon to 4 every Sunday.  In addition to playing great music, I get to share a wrap-up of the week’s entertainment news and oddities (and a LOT of stuff happens to fall into that second category).

 A few fun facts about me:  

 * I love living in the festival capital of Michigan/America/The World, Traverse City. 

 * I’m a pancake connoisseur, and have had a long relationship with the most delicious of breakfast foods.

 * I’m an argyle enthusiast. Since 2007, if I’ve got a pair of socks on, you can bet they’re argyle. 

* Email me your favorite pancake recipes and secret best places to buy argyle at